Borefield Development / Management

Our goal is to provide the most appropriate technology for the task and to provide cost effective services that exceed the performance of generic equipment and techniques.

Our bore development methodology involves:

  • combination of jetting mud reverting agents in discrete intervals over the screened sections
  • plunging to surge chemicals and draw out fine material
  • then airlifting to remove sediment from the bore

This development method is generally able to increase bore yield if the yield had previously stabilised with the traditional development methods of jetting then airlifting.

We can help you to manage your borefield. We provide specialist pump removal and installation services using NATA certified lifting equipment and proven safe work practices and can manage groundwater monitoring programs to meet your regulatory and environmental obligations.

Case Study - Gascoyne Water Cooperative's Northern Gascoyne River (NGR) Borefield

ABS was involved in the development of Gascoyne Water Cooperative's NGR Borefield and has a continuing role in the management of the borefield. The Bore Completion Report for the NGR Borefield states that the additional development by plunger undertaken on production bores by ABS resulted in:

  • significantly increased yields in most bores; and
  • decreased volumes of fine material produced during pumping.

ABS has provided groundwater monitoring services since work on the borefield commenced in April 2010 and was on hand to provide maintenance services and assistance following the major flood in 2010.