Down-hole Video

Perhaps you've inherited a bore and don't know how it was constructed, perhaps you've lost some equipment down your bore-hole, or maybe it's just not working and you don't know why. For whatever the reason, if you need to know what is happening in your bore, movies and stills from our down-hole video service can show you.

This image (click to enlarge) shows the internal structure of a wire wound screen. Notice how the slots are clearly visible in the bottom right corner.

This image (click to enlarge) shows a bore with extensive calcium encrustations that would severely restrict flow. In such cases, ABS can help to remove the blockages, see our Bore Rehabilitation page for more details.

This image (click to enlarge) shows a drink can in the base of a bore. Items lost in bores can become contamination sources as they breakdown over time or they may cause blockages and affect bore production. ABS is able to retrieve lost items from your bore. See our Bore Rehabilitation page for more details.

Features of our down-hole video service:

  • Our cameras work at depths up to 300m below ground level
  • Our units can operate in bores as small as 50mm diameter
  • Our video kits are small and portable, allowing easy transport and rapid mobilisation