Rapid Low-impact Piping Deployment

Whether you need to convey water during bore testing or bypass existing piping for maintenance or other works, our remote control hose reel trolley has many advantages. Exerting low ground pressure (comparable to a manís boot), the trolley has low environmental impact and can traverse most terrain. Rather than being dragged across the ground, the hose is rolled out behind the moving trolley which reduces the impact on the ground and provides the manoeuverability to precisely locate the hose between and around trees and existing infrastructure. Deployment and recovery is rapid with 1km of piping able to be established in less than a day. The length of piping is readily modified to suit the specific requirement.

Flow rates of 70L/s are possible for a single line, which can be duplicated if higher flows are required. Delivery into pressurised mains is possible up to 10Bar (145PSI) or 18Bar (261PSI) depending on requirements.

Short term and long term hire options are available.