Test Pumping

We can operate to the Australian Standard for the Test Pumping of Water Wells, AS2368 – 1990 or to a modified standard should your specific circumstances require this.

All vehicles and other equipment are modern and equipped with safety features passed fit for use on mining operations around Western Australia.

Features of our test pumping service:

  • Our submersible pumps are linked to Variable Speed Drives (VSD) so that they can operate at the widest possible flow range up to 70L/s.
  • Water levels are measured with dataloggers or manually to 1mm accuracy.
  • We use a PLC controlled valve to ensure a constant discharge rate.
  • We use Magflo meters for high accuracy flow measurement and the output is digitally recorded for easy analysis.
  • We use calibrated orifice weirs for QA back-up of digital flow meters.
  • EC, pH and temperature are routinely monitored during testing.
  • All results can be made available in digital format.